Jerusalem born Artsi Ifrach is a fashion designer who is better known as ARTC in fashion world. Artsi has found his sanctuary in Morocco on his quest for independence and has been actively creating his “one of a kind” collections since. Artsi – meaning ‘My Country’ in Hebrew and Arabic – lived in Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam before settling in Morocco and has a extensive understanding of multiculturalism. Using colours and prints as his landscape, Artsi’s imaginative designs reflect on space and time. From his childhood memories to the memoirs of nomad.

He starts fashion designing at the age of 28 while he was living in Amsterdam. After that return to Israel and a long the way was chosen to be one of the most influence designer on the last 100 years of Tel Aviv. From there he move to Paris presented by 2m Bureau showing in the Houte Cuture week in the last 5 years. Today living and working from Morocco in Marrakech, his parents hometown, where he also collaborates with Laila Hida a Moroccan photographer, together every 6 months they create a collaboration of photography.that tells the story of the collection the inspiration come from a source of culture history and art.