Fadila El Gadi

Within the narrow streets of the Medina of Salé, a joyful and curious little girl struts down the alley where embroiders bustle under streams of dazzling sunlight.

Her bearing and complexion reflect the softness and grace of the desert.
She dreams of a world draped in light, silken cloth.
She is ten years old and her hands have already started the craft of weaving.
Her name is Fadila El Gadi. Though inspired by 18th century embroidery, Fadila’s designs, combine the comfort and flow of modern day living with the detailed beauty of hand-made gold-thread trimmings high-lighted with a sophisticated palette of precious stones and silk thread.

Though she continues to span the ancient world of embroidery and silks and taffetas, Fadila’s designs are resolutely modern due to her awareness of and sensitivity to the slightest novelty in the world of Couture.

Today Fadila El Gadi is working from her workshop, a simple, pure, and refined space which assembles her latest collection.