Maroc ’n Roll

The fascination of Marrakech, the red city, and general admiration for Moroccan arts and crafts are behind the foundation of Maroc ’n Roll, a leather goods brand created three years ago by Robert Merloz.

Ten years collaboration with Monsieur Saint Laurent in Paris and a diploma in haute couture are the salient features in the curriculum of this designer who, before choosing Marrakech as his source of inspiration as well as his actual home, explored exotic places even farther away, such as Brazil and Madagascar, but it was that North African country which stole Robert’s heart, deciding him to launch his own line of accessories that clearly draw on local art.

The collection of bags and accessories launched in Paris this last July is plainly in homage to Moroccan craftsmanship. The graphic and geometrical beauty of the glazed mosaic tiles of Marrakech become ornamental motifs of high range shoppers, sacs and clutches. the same technique of assembling various pieces of leather stitched together recalls the art of mosaics and makes each creation totally unique and precious.