“After the spirit of discernment, what the world has to offer that is the most rare are diamonds and pearls”, Jean de La Bruyère.

Founded by Béatrice Torroni, the house of SeaMe Paris – Geneve embodies the spirit of Jean de La Bruyère’s quotation. This Parisian creator established her workshop in Geneva because of the know-how and precision of Swiss jewelry making.

Discernment is Béatrice’s main trait. Nothing is left to chance. Each of her creations are handmade with passion and attention to detail. The pearls, mother of pearls, and natural precious stones are selected with great care by this admirer of these gifts from nature. They are then assembled using the finest traditional jewelry methods.

Each woman is unique, as is each of the pearls. To work with this living matter is to be transported to a land of surprise and inspiration. Creative intuition is brought to bear depending on the luster and pearl’s orient. Béatrice imagines them as necklaces, rings, or earrings with 18-carat gold or silver-rhodium settings. The jewelry is born from the love of the pearls and the sensitive relationship between a woman and nature.

She prefers creating limited series and unique pieces to reflect the uniqueness of each woman. She takes inspiration from antique jewelry and combines a contemporary style with a romantic spirit and flawless execution.

After the artisanal creation of these precious pieces is finished, comes the adoption of them, of utmost importance to Béatrice. The match of a woman’s skin and a pearl can be considered as love at first sight. Few jewelry pieces promise to improve with wear, but these charming pieces will shine ever brighter when worn reflecting the inner glow of the women wearing them.

Elegance and refinement are the threads that link SeaMe’s collections. The pieces can be mixed and matched and contrasted for a chic and harmonious result. They will reveal the feminine grace and beauty of any woman who wears them.